Here’s my tip’s if you’re hosting Thanksgiving… Make it memorable ~
The week of Thanksgiving ~

I clean fridge to make room
If your turkey is frozen take out of freezer place in pan (to keep your fridge clean) and place in Fridge to start defrosting process
Finish any last minute shopping
Check list…
Turkey/Ham ~ Buns/Crescents ~ Cool whip, ice-cream or whipping cream ~ Cream ~ Cream cheese ~ Cheeses ~ Sour cream ~ butter ~ Eggs ~ Flour ~ Sugar ~ Brown sugar ~ Cranberries ~ Chocolate sauce ~ Marshmallows ~ Choc Chips ~ Pie crust ~ Pie filling ~ Drinks for all ages ~ Limes & lemons ~ Fresh herbs ~ Napkins…Paper or cloth ~ Paper towels ~ TP ~ Potatoes ~ Yams or Sweet potatoes ~ Onions ~ French onions ~ Cream Mush/Cream Chicken ~ Nuts ~ Veggies ~ Chicken broth ~ Bread or stuffing cubes ~ Cold cuts ~ Jimmy Dean Sausage ~ Chips/Crackers ~ Candles ~ Fresh flowers ~ Items for center pieces.

Make desserts
Make sure you have ice made up or bought.
Freeze grapes for wine.


Peel potatoes (make sure there covered thoroughly in water)
Season your turkey
Put together all your side dishes and put them in the pans that you’ll be cooking them in.
Make appies
Set table ~ Finish with decorating ~ Center pieces

You should be set ~ Happy cooking ~ Happy Thanksgiving!!

Make sure you have extra Ziploc’s ~ All size baggies and tinfoil for leftovers. Hope these tips will help make your Thanksgiving stress free!